March 2017 BAP Report

The Breeder Award Program continued rolling at the February meeting with nine entries from five different members which added some excitement and competitive bidding to the monthly auction. With the early action, there are already seven members separated by only 40 points in the “Frank Montillo Breeder of the Year” competition!

New BAP member Doug Brown started off with a bang, bringing in 50 points and vaulting to second place in the BOY. Doug entered Ancistrus catfish (bristlenose plecos), tequila sunrise guppies (Poecilia reticulata) and a rarely seen Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos, a mouth-brooding Lake Malawi cichlid termed the electric blue mbuna.

Elvin Eaton entered two livebearers to move closer to the Master Breeder award: Zoogoneticus tequila, a goodeid, and Micropoecilia minima, a tiny poeciliid. Dan Koenig scored with the beautiful and peaceful dwarf South American substrate-spawning cichlid Laetacara ararguaiae, while Matt DeGroodt held on to first place in the BOY with Columbian red and blue tetras (Hyphessobrycon columbianus). Larry Jinks entered a West African substrate-spawning cichlid (Pelvicachromis taeniatus “Kienke River”) and the native rainwater killifish (Lucania parva).


February 2017 BAP Report

If the January meeting is any indication, we’re in for a great year in the Breeder Award Program! Five members recorded nine first spawns and three second spawns for the specialty program. The “Breeder of the Year” competition is off to a good start with Matt DeGroodt and Chip Hildreth tied for the lead. Matt entered two killifish from wild caught Florida parents: sheepshead minnows (Cyprinodon variegatus) and blue fin killies (Lucania goodei). He also threw in the Lake Tanganyikan cave spawning Julidochromis transcriptus as well. Chip entered the West African cave spawning cichlid Pelvicachromis taeniatus moliwe and an unusual cave spawning Badis buxar. Tied for third in the BOY standings are Dan Koenig and Larry Jinks. Dan entered two livebearers to edge closer to the livebearer specialty award. He donated the Goodeid livebearer Goodea atripinnis and the Poeciliid Gambusia holbrooki, the native mosquito fish. Larry entered a first spawn of Corydoras axelrodi and donated second spawns of Corydoras venezuelanus, Corydoras stenocephalus and Aspidoras spilotus to move closer to the catfish specialty award. Veteran breeder and January speaker Neil Frank stands in fifth place in the BOY with a South American substrate spawning cichlid (Gymnogeophagus sp. “Catalan”) which he showed in his program and donated to our monthly auction.

The board okayed a change to the BAP. In keeping up with modern technology, a member may now submit a video of his fish for fry verification. The member must still fill out and turn in the BAP form found on our website (which can be submitted by email). The video must include the names and date information and we prefer seeing video of both the parents and fry. Matt and Neil are working on some way of cataloging the videos and making them available on our website as we do with the BAP records, standings, and newsletters.

January 2017 BAP Report

    The annual holiday party is the time for awarding plaques for achievement in the Breeder Award Program and reflecting on the past year. The BAP continued to gain strength as more members participate. The following is a summary of the participation and plaques awarded at the holiday party:

Breeder –             50 points

Intermediate Breeder –     150 points

Advanced Breeder –     300 points

Master Breeder -         500 points

Expert Breeder -         750 points

Superior Breeder -         1000 points

Premier Breeder -        1500 points

Grand Master Breeder -    2000 points


Additional awards at each 500 point increment


“Breeder of the Year” award for the most points in a year from December to December

Specialty program instituted with 16 specialty classes

2013 – 7 members 46 entries

2014 – 11 members 68 entries (17 total participants)

2015 - 9 members 73 entries (19 total participants)

2016 – 13 members 71 entries (20 total participants)


2016 BAP Plaques Awarded

Chip Hildreth – Breeder Award (50 points)

Juan Damelines – Breeder Award (50 points)

Matt DeGroodt – Intermediate Breeder Award (150 pts)

Chip Hildreth – Intermediate Breeder Award (150 points)

Dan Koenig – Advanced Breeder Award (300 points)

Matt DeGroodt – Advanced Breeder Award (300 points)

Frank Montillo – Livebearer Specialist

Larry Jinks – Old World Cichlid Specialist

Larry Jinks – New World Cichlid Specialist

Larry Jinks – Livebearer Specialist

2016: “Frank Montillo Breeder of the Year”

Larry Jinks 16 species/240 points

    Matt DeGroodt 12 species/140 points

    Chip Hildreth 10 species/135 points

    Juan Damelines 11 species/130 points

Elvin Eaton 7 species/125points

December 2016 BAP Report

Between the monthly meeting and the weekend auction, the final month of the 2016 BAP year yielded eleven entries from five different members. Any entries in December will count toward the 2017 BAP year.

First, a BAP welcome to veteran club member and breeder Cary Perkinson, who finally decided to join the program. Cary’s first two entries were albino bristlenose plecos (Ancistrus sp.) and red tailed goodeid livebearers (Xenotoca eiseni). Next up was Neil Frank, another veteran club member and talented fish breeder, who entered the South American substrate spawning cichlid Guianacara stergiosi.  Juan Damelines brought in five entries to the weekend auction to jump into fourth place in the “Breeder of the Year” standings. His entries included a native livebearer (Gambusia holbrooki), a mop-spawning African killifish (Epiplatys dageti Monrovia), and three African cichlids. Two of the cichlids were mouthbrooders (Aulonocara walteri and Haplochromis sp. 35) and one was a West African cave spawner (Pelvicachromis taeniata kienke).  Matt DeGroodt entered the Central American cave spawning rainbow cichlid (Herotilapia multispinosa) and the West African substrate spawning cichlid Coptodon (formerly Tilapia) gutturosa to climb to fifth place in the overall standings and finish second in the “Breeder of the Year” competition. BAP chairman Larry Jinks entered green severums (Heros efasciatus) to hold onto the lead in the “Breeder of the Year” race.

November 2016 BAP Report

The penultimate month for yearly entries in the Breeder Award Program yielded several significant milestones. A good indication of the strength of a BAP is the variety of fish that the members are working with. Three members turned in eight entries of diverse species including mouthbrooding bettas, killifish, new and old world cichlids and a livebearer.

Matt DeGroodt entered Betta albimarginata, a small mouthbrooding anabantoid in which the male holds the eggs and fry. He also entered F1 offspring of several killifish whose parents he caught on a trip to Florida. These species were Lucania parva, the rainwater killifish, and the Florida flagfish (Jordanella floridae) which is often seen in pet shops. These entries pushed Matt over the 300-point plateau and earned him the Advanced Breeder Award. He also retained second place in the Breeder of the Year competition.

Chip Hildreth also entered the mouthbrooding Betta albimarginata and another species of mouthbrooding anabantoid, Betta rubra. Chip earned his Intermediate Breeder Award (150 points) with these entries and stands in third place in the BOY.

Larry Jinks entered the Central American cave spawning cichlid, “Cichlasoma” salivini, the Lake Tanganyikan mouthbrooding cichlid, Cyphotilapia frontosa, and the blue tailed goodeid livebearer, Ataeniobius toweri. Larry has now turned in over 150 species to the Raleigh BAP.

There are two more opportunities to enter BAP fish for 2016: the November monthly meeting and the November auction. Any entries in December will count for the 2017 BOY year.

Don’t forget our new specialty program which is outlined on our website under the BAP section. Any questions about the specialty program can be directed to BAP chairman Larry Jinks.

October 2016 BAP Report

With the November deadline for Breeder of the Year entries looming, five different members provided six BAP entries at the September monthly meeting. There will be three more opportunities to bring in entries to be counted for the Breeder of the Year award: October monthly meeting, November monthly meeting, and the giant fall auction on November 6th.

    Elvin Eaton led the charge with two entries to edge closer to the 500 point plateau and the Master Breeder award. Elvin spawned black fin goodeid livebearers (Goodea atripinnis) and albino paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis), a bubble nesting anabantoid.

    Dan Koenig was next up with a spawn of catfish (Corydoras stenocephalus) to hit the 300 point mark and earn the Advanced Breeder award. Chip Hildreth followed with an entry of Japan blue guppies (Poecilia reticulata) to move closer to the intermediate breeder award. Allan O’Briant entered the mop-spawning African killifish Epiplatys roloffi, and Larry Jinks entered a cave spawning Central American cichlid (Cryptoheros nanoluteus).

It should be an exciting race to November as these members and others bring in more entries to our Breeder Award Program. All members are invited to join in the fun of the Breeder Award Program.

September 2016 BAP Report

Four different members provided eleven BAP entries at the August meeting. The Breeder of the Year race heated up and several members are approaching new awards.  A significant entry was the Cryptoheros myrnae brought in by veteran club member Neil Frank. He’s better known for plants, but he is an excellent fish breeder and this was his first entry after a 29 year hiatus from the BAP. Neil had reached the 300 point plateau back in 1987 and then took a break!

Chip Hildreth had three entries: a livebearer (Xiphophorus montezumae), a catfish (Corydoras trilineatus) and an old world cichlid (Pelvicachromis pulcher). These entries moved him closer to the Intermediate Breeder (150 points) award and to fourth place in the BOY. Matt DeGroodt inched closer to the Advanced Breeder (300 points) award with an entry of F1 wild sailfin mollies (Poecilia latipinna) whose parents were caught in Florida. He holds second place in the Finally, BAP chairman Larry Jinks had six entries to move to first place in the BOY. His entries were two rainbowfish ( Melanotaenia bosemani and Melanotaenia lacustris), a livebearer (Micropoecilia minima), a catfish (Corydoras schultzei), a killifish (Epiplatys roloffi) and an old world cichlid (Lamprologus cylindricus).

It should be an exciting race to November as these members and others bring in more entries to our Breeder Award Program. All members are invited to join in the fun of the Breeder Award Program.

August 2016 BAP Report

The July monthly meeting showed continued participation in the Breeder Award Program as two members donated three entries to the monthly auction.  Auction chairman Rich Poole entered two livebearers to move up in the standings and Dan Koenig entered a new world cichlid to move closer to the Advanced Breeder Award (300 points). Rich’s entries were red wag platies (Xiphophorus maculatus) and Endler’s livebearers (Poecilia wingei). Dan chipped in black convicts (Amatitlania nigrofasciata).  

In other BAP action, the officers of the club voted to name the “Breeder of the Year” award after our late president, Frank Montillo. Frank was an enthusiastic participant in the program and was the winner of the first BOY award in 2011. The award will be henceforth known as the “Frank Montillo Breeder of the Year” award.

July 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report By Larry Jinks

Our June meeting featured only one entry as veteran fish breeder Rich Poole finally entered the Breeder Award Program by donating two bags of the Lake Tanganyikan cave spawning cichlid Neolamprologus brichardi to our monthly auction. We look forward to more entries from Rich at future auctions. President Frank Montillo has already embraced the new specialty BAP by qualifying for the Livebearer Specialist award and is only one spawn away from the Rainbowfish Specialty award.  Frank also recorded additional spawns of Corydoras stenocephalus catfish and kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher).

June 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report

The month of May brought BAP entries from two former “Breeder of the Year” award winners. President Frank Montillo only had one entry, but it was a significant one, as he became the first person to earn a specialty award in the new BAP Specialty Program. Frank entered the black finned goodeid livebearer (Goodea atripinnis) and earned his “Livebearer Specialist” award by spawning 16 different species of livebearers (16 spawns) with at least two species other than Poeciliids. Frank owns another “first” as he was awarded the initial “Breeder of the Year” award in 2011. Elvin Eaton moved into second place in the BOY standings with four entries. Elvin showed his fish breeding versatility with two livebearers, a catfish, and one of his trademark African cichlids. Members should remember Elvin’s talk on breeding Frontosa a few months ago. The livebearer entries were black mollies (Poecilia sphenops) and red swordtails (Xiphophorus helleri). Elvin also entered the cave spawning blue eyed pleco (Ancistrus sp. L-144) and the mouth brooding Lake Tanganyikan cichlid Pseudosimochromis curvifrons. Club members (yours truly included!) should be anxiously awaiting these two species at future auctions!


May 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report

The April monthly meeting yielded 3 Breeder Award Program entries, namely, Chip Hildreth with a Julidochromis marlieri (15 points), Elvin Eaton with a Neolamprologus multifasciatus (15 points), and Larry Jinks with a Corydoras venezuelanus (20 points). All three of the entrants moved up in the hotly contested “Breeder of the Year” standings: Larry (2nd place), Chip (4th place), and Elvin (6th place). There is still plenty of time until the November deadline for BOY entries, so we should see a lot of changes as more members submit entries.

April 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report

With both a monthly meeting and the weekend workshop, the Breeder Award Program saw an influx of entries and a shakeup in the “Breeder of the Year” standings. Six different members brought 15 total BAP entries between the 2 auctions, which is a testament to the strength and growth of our Breeder Award Program. Matt DeGroodt led the charge with 6 entries and vaulted to first place in the BOY standings and seventh in the cumulative standings. Matt has already earned the Intermediate Breeder Award this year and is well on his way toward the Advanced Breeder Award. Larry Jinks had 3 entries and a wakeup call as he will no longer have an easy path to the BOY as he wallows in third place. Juan Damelines hung on to second place in the BOY standings with 2 entries, has already earned his Breeder Award, is halfway to the Intermediate Breeder Award, and is poised to break into the top ten in the cumulative standings. Dan Koenig and Chip Hildreth round out the top five, positioned at fourth and fifth place, respectively, in the BOY standings. Dan sits at sixth place in the cumulative standings and is very near the Advanced Breeder Award. Chip had 2 entries and has already earned the Breeder Award for this year.

March 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report

Another meeting, another BAP participant. The BAP welcomes Nora Bryan with her first entry of the catfish Corydoras paleatus, which she graciously donated to our monthly auction. The bag of these spotted beauties sparked a bit of competitive bidding. Also generating some competitive bids were BAP donations from Dan Koenig and Chip Hildreth. Dan entered a wild type swordtail (Xiphophorus montezumae) and Chip entered the ever popular zebra danios (Danio rerio). In conversations with Dan and Chip, more spawnings have occurred in their tanks, which bodes well for the membership at future auctions. With eight members entering BAP fish in the first two meetings of the year, we now have over twenty members participating in the Breeder Award Program. Let’s hope this trend continues and it stimulates some veteran members to get active again!

February 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report

The new year brought a new entrant in our Breeder Award Program as Juan Damelines donated 4 African cichlids to the auction. His entries were rusty cichlids (Iodotropheus sprengerae), Pseudotropheus acei, Cynotilapia afra “hara”, and Pelvicachromis taeniatus “Nigerian green” (which created quite a stir and drew the highest bid!). These entries vaulted Juan to the top of the current “Breeder of the Year” standings. The other entry was electric blue acaras (Aequidens
pulcher) from BAP chairman Larry Jinks, who got on the board to defend his “Breeder of the Year” title from last year.

January 2016 BAP Report

At the December holiday party the BAP awards for 2016 were presented.
The following awards were earned:

Matt DeGroodt – Breeder Award (50 pts) 2015
Dan Koenig – Intermediate Breeder Award (150 points) 2015
Elvin Eaton III – Advanced Breeder Award (300 points) 2015
Todd Wenzel – Master Breeder Award (500 pts) 1986
Larry Jinks – Master Breeder Award (500 pts) 2012
Frank Montillo – Master Breeder Award (500 pts) 2014
Larry Jinks – Expert Breeder Award (750 pts) 2013
Frank Montillo – Expert Breeder Award (750 pts) 2015
Larry Jinks – Superior Breeder Award (1000 pts) 2013
Larry Jinks – Premier Breeder Award (1500 pts) 2015

The large number of awards was due to both the restructuring of the BAP awards levels and the increased number of participants in the program. This past year we had a record number of 73 entries from nine members with a total number of nineteen participants in the BAP.

It is interesting to note that Todd Wenzel earned the Master Breeder award for 500 points in 1986! That was before I even got involved in the hobby!  BAP chairman Larry Jinks won the “Breeder of the Year” award, but look at the lineup behind him:        

Larry Jinks 25 species/350 points
Frank Montillo 12 species/150 points
Dan Koenig 11 species/145 points
Matt DeGroodt 11 species/140 points

Matt DeGroodt, Elvin Eaton, and Frank Montillo all got a jump on the 2016 “Breeder of the Year” award. Matt entered angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) donated to the holiday party raffle and has already qualified for his Intermediate Breeder award (150 points) for 2016! Elvin brought paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis) to the fall auction. Frank had two entries: the mop spawning African killifish Aphyosemion striatum and the South American substrate spawning cichlid Krobia sp. “Xingu orange spots”. 


BAP update

The 2015 BAP year finished with a flurry as 3 members provided 12 entries at the fall auction. The points are being tallied for the awards presentation at the December holiday party. Any entries in December will count toward the 2016 awards. There will be no auction at the holiday party, but there will be a raffle. RAS webmaster Matt DeGroodt led the charge with 5 entries to break into the top ten in the cumulative standings and finish fourth in the “Breeder of the Year” race. Dan Koenig had 3 entries which moved him into a tie for seventh in the cumulative standings and third place finish in the “BOY”. BAP chairman Larry Jinks rounded out the scoring with 4 species. These entries provided some interesting bidding in our fall auction.

Matt DeGroodt: Corydoras aeneus (emerald corydoras catfish), Pelvicachromis pulcher (kribensis cichlid), Colisa lalia (dwarf gourami), Xiphophorus helleri “Rio Otapo” (wild green swordtail), Melanotaenia boesemani (boeseman’s rainbowfish)


Dan Koenig: Corydoras aeneus albino (albino corydoras catfish), Cryptoheros sajica (T-bar cichlid), Poecilia reticulata (fancy guppy)

Larry Jinks: Tropheus sp. “black” (orange bemba), Synodontis lucipinnis (dwarf synodontis catfish), Goodea atripinnis (blackfin goodeid livebearer), Neolamprologus brichardi (lyretail cichlid)


BAP update

The October monthly meeting yielded 2 BAP entries from 2 different members. Most notably was an initial entry of Lake Tanganyikan shell dwellers (Neolamprologus multifasciatus) by Chip Hildreth. Continuing the Lake Tanganyikan theme, the other entry was the cavespawning Julidochromis dickfeldi from BAP chairman Larry Jinks. With November as the last month for BAP entries for 2015, we anticipate a flurry of entries between the November monthly meeting and our big fall auction the following day. Any BAP entries after November will be counted for 2016. The Breeder Award Program revisions can be seen on our new website along with the restructured submission form. Webmaster Matt Degroodt has developed an electronic submission of the BAP form to eliminate the paperwork and make filing easier. See BAP chairman Larry Jinks to join the fun of the Breeder Award Program!

BAP update

The September meeting brought us a new monthly high for the Breeder Award Program as six different members recorded a total of 14 entries. Club president Frank Montillo led the charge with six entries solidifying his hold on second place in the cumulative standings and moving to second in the “Breeder of the Year” race. Frank showed his breeding versatility as he spawned two livebearers, an African cichlid, a barb, a killifish and a rainbowfish. Elvin Eaton scored with two Lake Malawi mouthbrooders and albino bushynose pleco catfish to move into fourth place in the cumulative standings and fourth in the “Breeder of the Year” race. Dan Koenig, Allan O’Briant and Jesse Perry all entered livebearers, while BAP chairman Larry Jinks entered two more new world cichlids.

The September BAP spawns were:

Frank Montillo - sailfin molly (Poecilia latipinna), shelldweller (Neolamprologus multifasciatus), Bleher’s rainbow (Chilatherina bleheri), cherry barb (Puntius titteya), killifish (Rivulus), spiketail platy (Xiphophorus xiphidium);
Elvin Eaton - Cynotilapia zebroide, Melanochromis chipokae (Ancistrus sp. Albino)

Dan Koenig - Xiphophorus alvarezi 

Allan O’Briant - Xiphophorus alvarezi 

Jesse Perry - Poecilia latipinna

Larry Jinks - Hypsophrys nicaraguensis, Krobia guianensis 

September 2015 Standings

1Larry Jinks235
2Dan Koenig100
3Frank Montillo75
4Matt Degroodt70
5Elvin Eaton40
6Jon Haddad15
7Allan O'Briant10

1Larry Jinks1580
2Frank Montillo725
3Todd Wenzel695
4Neil Frank300
5Elvin Eaton280
6Eric Hanneman250
7Gerald Pottern230
8Dan Koenig185
9Dave Herlong120
10Matt Degroodt70
11Ben Guardiola55
12Phil Lamonds30
Lauren Layton30
14Jon Haddad25
15Allan O'Briant20
16Justin Ho10
Sam Jenkins10

September 2015 BAP Report

August showed steady BAP activity as three different members entered five species for BAP credit. President Frank Montillo entered the Malawi mouthbrooding peacock cichlid Aulonocara hueseri to move into third place in the “Breeder of the Year“standings.

    Elvin Eaton entered two African cichlids for points. These were Metriaclima greshakei, a mouthbrooding Lake Malawi cichlid and Paracyprichromis nigripinnis, a Lake Tanganyikan mouthbrooding cichlid. These entries moved Elvin into fifth place in the cumulative standings and fifth place in the “Breeder of the Year” standings. I’m already looking forward to a talk scheduled for March 2016 in which Elvin will discuss his breeding of the large mouthbrooding Lake Tanganyikan cichlid Cyphotilapia frontosa!

    Finally, BAP chair Larry Jinks entered two substrate spawning cichlids. Laetacara araguaiae from South America and the large jaguar cichlid from Central America ( Parachromis managuensis).