December 2016 BAP Report

Between the monthly meeting and the weekend auction, the final month of the 2016 BAP year yielded eleven entries from five different members. Any entries in December will count toward the 2017 BAP year.

First, a BAP welcome to veteran club member and breeder Cary Perkinson, who finally decided to join the program. Cary’s first two entries were albino bristlenose plecos (Ancistrus sp.) and red tailed goodeid livebearers (Xenotoca eiseni). Next up was Neil Frank, another veteran club member and talented fish breeder, who entered the South American substrate spawning cichlid Guianacara stergiosi.  Juan Damelines brought in five entries to the weekend auction to jump into fourth place in the “Breeder of the Year” standings. His entries included a native livebearer (Gambusia holbrooki), a mop-spawning African killifish (Epiplatys dageti Monrovia), and three African cichlids. Two of the cichlids were mouthbrooders (Aulonocara walteri and Haplochromis sp. 35) and one was a West African cave spawner (Pelvicachromis taeniata kienke).  Matt DeGroodt entered the Central American cave spawning rainbow cichlid (Herotilapia multispinosa) and the West African substrate spawning cichlid Coptodon (formerly Tilapia) gutturosa to climb to fifth place in the overall standings and finish second in the “Breeder of the Year” competition. BAP chairman Larry Jinks entered green severums (Heros efasciatus) to hold onto the lead in the “Breeder of the Year” race.