Throughout the year, RAS sponsors occasional group buys. In group buys, RAS pays for the shipping costs, allowing RAS members to purchase fish, food and other aquarium supplies at reduced cost. Group buys provide access to unusual or hard-to-find fish, plants and foods that generally are not available at local fish stores (LFS). Group buys are open to all current RAS members.

Group buys are organized by individual RAS members, with the approval of the RAS board. Each group buy has a "sponsor", and participants work directly with the sponsor to work out details of a specific purchase. The timing of group buys are generally aligned with RAS meetings so that purchased items can be distributed at the meetings.

Regular and recurring group buys include:

  • Jehmco (, for fish food and dry goods. Members have been particularly pleased with the quality and proicing of frozen foods. (Sponsor: Jonathan Hamm)
  • Brine Shrimp Direct (, for brine shrimp eggs. (Sponsor: Larry Jinx)
  • Live black worms (Sponsor: ???)

Past group buys:

  • Ken's Fish (Sponsor: Chip Hildreth)
  • The Wet Spot, for tropical fish. (Sponsor: Chris Smith)
  • Greg Sage's Select Aquatics ( (Sponsor: Richard Mullinax)

RAS is open to proposals for additional group buys. Details here.