April 2016 Breeder’s Award Program (BAP) Report

With both a monthly meeting and the weekend workshop, the Breeder Award Program saw an influx of entries and a shakeup in the “Breeder of the Year” standings. Six different members brought 15 total BAP entries between the 2 auctions, which is a testament to the strength and growth of our Breeder Award Program. Matt DeGroodt led the charge with 6 entries and vaulted to first place in the BOY standings and seventh in the cumulative standings. Matt has already earned the Intermediate Breeder Award this year and is well on his way toward the Advanced Breeder Award. Larry Jinks had 3 entries and a wakeup call as he will no longer have an easy path to the BOY as he wallows in third place. Juan Damelines hung on to second place in the BOY standings with 2 entries, has already earned his Breeder Award, is halfway to the Intermediate Breeder Award, and is poised to break into the top ten in the cumulative standings. Dan Koenig and Chip Hildreth round out the top five, positioned at fourth and fifth place, respectively, in the BOY standings. Dan sits at sixth place in the cumulative standings and is very near the Advanced Breeder Award. Chip had 2 entries and has already earned the Breeder Award for this year.