September 2016 BAP Report

Four different members provided eleven BAP entries at the August meeting. The Breeder of the Year race heated up and several members are approaching new awards.  A significant entry was the Cryptoheros myrnae brought in by veteran club member Neil Frank. He’s better known for plants, but he is an excellent fish breeder and this was his first entry after a 29 year hiatus from the BAP. Neil had reached the 300 point plateau back in 1987 and then took a break!

Chip Hildreth had three entries: a livebearer (Xiphophorus montezumae), a catfish (Corydoras trilineatus) and an old world cichlid (Pelvicachromis pulcher). These entries moved him closer to the Intermediate Breeder (150 points) award and to fourth place in the BOY. Matt DeGroodt inched closer to the Advanced Breeder (300 points) award with an entry of F1 wild sailfin mollies (Poecilia latipinna) whose parents were caught in Florida. He holds second place in the Finally, BAP chairman Larry Jinks had six entries to move to first place in the BOY. His entries were two rainbowfish ( Melanotaenia bosemani and Melanotaenia lacustris), a livebearer (Micropoecilia minima), a catfish (Corydoras schultzei), a killifish (Epiplatys roloffi) and an old world cichlid (Lamprologus cylindricus).

It should be an exciting race to November as these members and others bring in more entries to our Breeder Award Program. All members are invited to join in the fun of the Breeder Award Program.