January 2016 BAP Report

At the December holiday party the BAP awards for 2016 were presented.
The following awards were earned:

Matt DeGroodt – Breeder Award (50 pts) 2015
Dan Koenig – Intermediate Breeder Award (150 points) 2015
Elvin Eaton III – Advanced Breeder Award (300 points) 2015
Todd Wenzel – Master Breeder Award (500 pts) 1986
Larry Jinks – Master Breeder Award (500 pts) 2012
Frank Montillo – Master Breeder Award (500 pts) 2014
Larry Jinks – Expert Breeder Award (750 pts) 2013
Frank Montillo – Expert Breeder Award (750 pts) 2015
Larry Jinks – Superior Breeder Award (1000 pts) 2013
Larry Jinks – Premier Breeder Award (1500 pts) 2015

The large number of awards was due to both the restructuring of the BAP awards levels and the increased number of participants in the program. This past year we had a record number of 73 entries from nine members with a total number of nineteen participants in the BAP.

It is interesting to note that Todd Wenzel earned the Master Breeder award for 500 points in 1986! That was before I even got involved in the hobby!  BAP chairman Larry Jinks won the “Breeder of the Year” award, but look at the lineup behind him:        

Larry Jinks 25 species/350 points
Frank Montillo 12 species/150 points
Dan Koenig 11 species/145 points
Matt DeGroodt 11 species/140 points

Matt DeGroodt, Elvin Eaton, and Frank Montillo all got a jump on the 2016 “Breeder of the Year” award. Matt entered angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) donated to the holiday party raffle and has already qualified for his Intermediate Breeder award (150 points) for 2016! Elvin brought paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis) to the fall auction. Frank had two entries: the mop spawning African killifish Aphyosemion striatum and the South American substrate spawning cichlid Krobia sp. “Xingu orange spots”.