BAP update

The 2015 BAP year finished with a flurry as 3 members provided 12 entries at the fall auction. The points are being tallied for the awards presentation at the December holiday party. Any entries in December will count toward the 2016 awards. There will be no auction at the holiday party, but there will be a raffle. RAS webmaster Matt DeGroodt led the charge with 5 entries to break into the top ten in the cumulative standings and finish fourth in the “Breeder of the Year” race. Dan Koenig had 3 entries which moved him into a tie for seventh in the cumulative standings and third place finish in the “BOY”. BAP chairman Larry Jinks rounded out the scoring with 4 species. These entries provided some interesting bidding in our fall auction.

Matt DeGroodt: Corydoras aeneus (emerald corydoras catfish), Pelvicachromis pulcher (kribensis cichlid), Colisa lalia (dwarf gourami), Xiphophorus helleri “Rio Otapo” (wild green swordtail), Melanotaenia boesemani (boeseman’s rainbowfish)


Dan Koenig: Corydoras aeneus albino (albino corydoras catfish), Cryptoheros sajica (T-bar cichlid), Poecilia reticulata (fancy guppy)

Larry Jinks: Tropheus sp. “black” (orange bemba), Synodontis lucipinnis (dwarf synodontis catfish), Goodea atripinnis (blackfin goodeid livebearer), Neolamprologus brichardi (lyretail cichlid)