Mark Denaro has been keeping freshwater fish since 1972 and marine fish since 1976. He has always been very interested in planted and biotope aquariums and has been keeping reef aquariums since before that term was coined. As of 5 years ago, Mark has bred over 200 species of freshwater fish and propagated over 150 species of aquatic plants. He has had 9 species of marine fish spawn in his tanks and has propagated over 30 species of marine invertebrates.

He has been involved in the organized hobby since joining the Indianapolis Aquarium Society in 1984. He has served in almost every possible elected office in aquarium societies since that time, including serving as president of the Indianapolis Aquarium Society, the Bucks County Aquarium Society and the International Betta Congress. Mark is one of the founders and is the current president of the American Labyrinth Fish Association.

Mark is well known as a speaker and judge, having spoken to over 40 aquarium societies in 16 states plus Canada, including a number of regional and national conventions. He has spoken several times at past Carolina Aquarium Workshops. He has also presented educational programs on coral reefs and on rainforests at numerous schools in several states. Mark has worked in the pet industry for over 25 years at all levels, including working in store management for both independent retailers and big box chain stores, sales manager and warehouse managerfor a regional livestock wholesaler as well as owning a retail shop, a marine wholesale operation, several aquarium and terrarium installationand maintenance companies and Anubias Design, a specialty supplier of new, rare and interesting freshwater fish, invertebrates and plants. Mark has written articles for club magazines as well as Aquarium International and Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazines.

In 1994, he wrote: The 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species: How to Choose & Keep Hardy, Brilliant, Fascinating Species That Will Thrive in Your Small Aquarium, co-authored with Racheal O’Leary.