Ted Judy has 40+ years of experience keeping aquariums, and 20+ years of activity promoting the aquarium hobby through writing, blogging, video production, and event presentations.  You may be familiar with his TedsFishroom.com website, FaceBook page, YouTube Channel, or magazine articles through which Ted has shared his hobby with anyone interested enough to see what he has been up to.   Ted is also a traveling aquarist, and has been on fish-collecting trips to West Africa and South America.  Professionally, Ted has been a teacher, aquarium retail manager, fish importer/wholesaler, video producer, and aquarium industry consultant.  He is currently working for CustomAquariums.com & CustomCages.com doing whatever needs doing on any given day (but mostly computer stuff).  Ted currently lives near Madison, WI.  His club affiliations are the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists, the Aquatic Gardeners Association, and the American Cichlid Association.


Colombia – Los Llanos

Colombia exports more aquarium fish than any other South American country, and 90% of those fish come from the Llanos, a huge tropical grassland that stretches from the Andes Mountains in Colombia to the northern edge of the continent in Venezuela.  This talk presents several interesting aquatic habitats in the Colombian Llanos through pictures and video.  Approximately 1 hour long.

Colombia – La Confluencia

The city of Puerto Inirida, Colombia, lies near the confluence of three important river systems: the Rio Inirida, Rio Guaviare, Rio Atabapo and Rio Orinoco.  Some of the most popular species of fish in the aquarium hobby come from these rivers and are exported from Puerto Inirida, including the jaguar catfish, altum angelfish and panda uaru.  This talk documents the trip that Ted and his friends made to the region in 2016.  Approximately 1 hour long.

Colombia – Mitu: Gateway to Rio Negro

The city of Mitu sits on the banks of the Rio Vaupes, a tributary of the Rio Negro that flows to the Amazon.  This region is well known to bird watchers, but has only recently become a target for aquarium fish collection.  The fish here are more similar to those of Brazil than most of Colombia.  This talk documents five days of exploring the region in 2018.  Approximately 1 hour long.

Pretty Places

Inspiration for beautiful aquascapes can some from anywhere, including actual aquatic habitats.  This talk presents some pretty habitats from West Africa, Colombia and Mexico.  The presentation is approximately 1 hour long.

West African Aquarium

West Africa is one of the most important regions of the world for the diversity of freshwater fish that are found there, a few of which are some of the most popular species in the aquarium hobby.  But West Africa has so much more to offer than krib cichlids, Congo tetras and upside-down catfish.  This talk presents a general overview of West African fish.  Approximately 1 hour.

The Kribs: Pelvicachromis, Wallaceochromis & Enigmatochromis

The cichlids of the genus Pelvicachromis have been extremely popular in the aquarium hobby for many decades.  This talk presents the fish of this group, their taxonomic history, behavior and husbandry.  Approximately