December update

December 2015 Program (Thursday, 12/3/15 @ 7:00pm) - “Holiday Party and BAP Awards”:

As is our tradition, December is the month to celebrate the season and recognize the members of our Society who have distinguished themselves during the past year by taking on the challenges required to breed tropical fish from all over the globe. We will meet in the NCSU CVM cafeteria (down the hall from our regular meeting place - look for the signs) and RAS will provide a great meal with all the fixin’s (including drinks). All we ask of folks attending is to bring a side dish to share (salad, veggies, dessert, etc.). And don’t’ forget – this meeting starts @ 7:00pm. Hope to see you there!

In December, we look back over the year to assess what RAS has accomplished. Again, in 2015, RAS held 12 regular monthly meetings (some on Saturdays) with speakers coming from near and far to talk about specific fish, plants, public policy, and travel reports. Each month saw a second (or third) activity of some kind, whether it be a workshop, auction, field trip, stream cleanup, aquarium visit, or meal. We grew the club membership by abut 10%, and now have nearly 100 followers on FACEBOOK and nearly 200 followers on MEETUP. Capital property of the club now contains A/V equipment, computers, and aquarium metering equipment which we can loan out to our members. We were again featured on local television, and gained other positive publicity through facilities based at the NCSU Vet School. We are fortunate to have such a strong and knowledgeable membership who willingly volunteer and help grow our club. Thanks to all that made this happen. We have more in store for 2016. Stay tuned for future developments and announcement.


We want to remind our members that in January of 2016 (1/7/16 to be exact), the club will have its annual elections of the 4 board positions (President, Vic-President, Secretary and Treasurer). All existing officers have expressed their intention to run for another annual term, but this is your chance to run for office if you so desire. We, as any organization, benefits from the diversity and dynamics of new leadership which can be found all over the society. If you are considering running for any office, please send a note to the Club Secretary at our website. Also, we will be moving our elections to December starting in 2016.