November “miniworkshop”

In November, RAS will have its first “miniworkshop” The regular monthly meeting will be on a Saturday (November 14) followed by our big semiannual auction on Sunday (November 15). 
Saturday meeting will be held at our usual location in the NCSU Veterinary School (1pm).

November 2015 Program (Saturday, 11/14/15 @ 1:00pm) – “All About Aquarium Plants”
Longtime RAS member and Workshop Chairman Chris Smith will speak to us on the selection, care, and propagation of some commonly used freshwater plants that you can keep in your quarium or pond. Come learn more about the fascinating and beautiful varieties of plants you can easily keep. Aquatic plants are the fastest growing segment of the home aquatics hobby and this has been evidenced firsthand in RAS by the recent uptick in freshwater plants that are available at our monthly and semiannual auctions. RAS will also be looking to form a “Growers Awards Program” (GAP) group in the club during 2016 if we see continued interest. The GAP will work in a manner similar to the existing BAP, and, just like the BAP, there are GAP chapters throughout the country. And don’t’ forget – this is a Saturday meeting. Hope to see you there!