June Event – Annual Summer Picnic

RAS will have its annual summer picnic/collecting trip/stream cleanup on Saturday June 25 starting at 11:00am. The eating venue will be different this year, as we will dine at Shelly Lake Park (also called Sertoma Park) on Shelly Lake, located near the intersection of West Millbrook and Leadmine Roads in Raleigh. The advantage of this change is that the park is free and that it borders on our section of Leadmine Creek. As always, RAS will supply the main meal, drinks, and paper products, and all we ask from attendees is to bring a side dish (salad, dessert, etc.) to share. Cost is free to members and $5 for non-members. So that we can plan food, please email us if you’re interested in attending. We’re always looking for places to go (aquariums, pet shops, conferences, restaurants), things to do (collecting trips, ark projects, community volunteering, movies), or people to meet (parties, socials, meetups). If you have any suggestions, contact Gerald at raleighaquariumsociety@yahoo.com.