April 2nd meeting

“It’s A Small World; Tiny Fish in the US Marketplace”

In April we’ll host Dennis Bragg, the past President and current board director of the James River Aquarium Society located in Richmond, to give us a presentation entitled “It’s a Small, Small World: The Increasing Role that Tiny Fish and Tiny Tanks Play in the US Marketplace”. Dennis has kept fish since his early days growing up on a farm in South Carolina. His early interest in wildlife and fisheries led him to obtain an Associate Degree in Wildlife Technology with an emphasis in fisheries, along with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Management from Clemson University. Exploration of the topic will include a discussion of speciation, micro miniaturization, aquaria carrying capacity, tiny freshwater fish, and the use of plants. Also discussed will be what works within community tanks, practical examples of some of the most desirable miniature freshwater tropical fish species available in the aquarium trade, and care instructions. We hope you can join us!