The Raleigh Aquarium Society has restarted its Horticulture Award Program (HAP) to encourage members to maintain aquatic plants and to share with others the knowledge they have gained. The program is open to all members.   Points are awarded according to plant hardiness and general level of difficulty.

For more information, feel free to contact HAP Chair Neil Frank

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1.   To promote the keeping and propagation of aquatic plants in home aquaria
2.   To gather and disseminate information about cultivation, maintenance and propagation methods
3.   To increase the availability of rare or hard to obtain varieties among aquarium hobbyists


  • A doubling of the original amount of plant material is necessary to receive credit for reproducing bunch plants or floating plants.
  • The reproduction of one separate plant is sufficient in the case of plants that produce runners (like Amazon swords).
  • Plants produced sexually must be large enough to identify as the same as the parent plant.
  • Ferns and plants reproduced by rhizome division (such as Anubias) must be free of the parent plant and at least 1/4 the size of the parent plant.
  • Propagation by seed points will be awarded in addition to points awarded for flowering.
  • Points for flowering of plants may be awarded for either submerged or emersed specimens.


  • Enter the plant in the silent auction (or weekend workshop auction) 
  • Donate the plant to the monthly raffle 
  • Write an article on the maintenance and propagation of the plant for the monthly newsletter 
  • Do a presentation at a monthly meeting


  • Points are awarded for only one reproduction of each species.
  • Seeds must have been propagated from the breeder’s own plants.
  • Report forms should be given to the HAP chairperson or any RAS board member either by e-mail or at the monthly meeting.
  • The aquarist must be a member in good standing (dues paid) of the Raleigh Aquarium Society.
  • All participants are encouraged to give a short oral report of the details involved in propagation of plants that have been submitted for points. An article to be published in the monthly bulletin would be greatly appreciated for any plants, especially in class D - F.
  • Propagations and/or tanks should ideally be witnessed by a RAS member. A photograph is desirable.

A certificate will be awarded to recognize your accomplishments at the following levels:

  • Novice Plant Breeder                         50 points, any class
  • Aquatic Horticulturist                     100 points, max 50 in class A
  • Advanced Aquatic Horticulturist     200 points, at least one in class C
  • Expert Aquatic Horticulturist          300 points, oral or written report
  • Master Aquatic Horticulturist          400 points, present a program at a general meeting