Upcoming events

  • Sept 5 (Wednesday - Hibernian Pub): Ken Davis on How he has Kept and Bred over 1,000 Species. Have dinner and drinks at the Hibernian while we get together to talk fish.  Ken’s presentation will be a Q&A discussion format for us to pick his brain on spawning and raising fry. He will also dazzle us with photos and interesting stories. It will be a fun evening!!
  • Sept 6 (Thursday - Vet School):  Ken Davis on His fish collecting adventures in South and Central America
  • Sept 7 (Friday 10AM): Local Collecting Trip with Gerald Pottern

The purpose of the Raleigh Aquarium Society is to increase the enjoyment and general knowledge of the aquarist, both novice and advanced.  This shall be accomplished by the exchange of information, speeches, field trips, and observation of fish in their natural habitat.  By these actions, we hope to gain a better understanding of the habits of certain fish, and to benefit members of the club as well as any interested hobbyist who may wish to affiliate with us.


Join us at the next meeting to meet and share experiences with other local fish & plant hobbyists, learn something new from a guest speaker and take home some good stuff from group food orders, and silent auction.