Upcoming Meetings & Events Schedule:

  • Sept 5 (Wednesday - Hibernian Pub): Ken Davis on How he has Kept and Bred over 1,000 Species. Have dinner and drinks at the Hibernian while we get together to talk fish.  Ken’s presentation will be a Q&A discussion format for us to pick his brain on spawning and raising fry. He will also dazzle us with photos and interesting stories. It will be a fun evening!!
  • Sept 6 (Thursday - Vet School):  Ken Davis on His fish collecting adventures in South and Central America
  • Sept 7 (Friday 10AM): Local Collecting Trip with Gerald Pottern
  • Oct 4 (Thursday - Vet School): Pizza Social + SIGs 
  • Oct 28 (Sunday 10AM-5PM - Ramada Inn): Fall Auction
  • Nov 1 (Thursday - Vet School): Three Mini Talks
  • Dec 6 (Thursday - Vet School): Holiday Party (bring dish to share)

Future Events (2019):

  • March 1-3, 2019: Annual Workshop/Auction @ Ramada Inn

Past Events (2018):

  • August 2 (Thursday - Vet School): Dave Herlong on Malawi Cichlids
  • August 4 (Saturday 11AM-3PM - Sertoma Park): Annual picnic (RAS supplies everything, bring dish to share) 
  • July 5 (Thursday - Vet School): Alex Scharnberg on West African Cichlids
  • June 6 (Wednesday - Hibernian Pub): Special Guest Ted Judy speaks on "La Confluencia  - the confluence of 3 important river systems in Columbia." Socializing/gathering @ 6:30, talk begins @ 7:30.
  • June 7 (Thursday - Vet School): Special Guest: Ted Judy speaks on "Pretty Places - inspirations for beautiful aquascapes."
  • May 3 (Thursday - Vet School 7PM): Pizza Social + Special Interest Group:
    • Note: Early start time of 7PM!!
    • David Herlong on African Cichlids
    • Richard Mullinax on Keeping Shrimp
    • Ticia Antinori on Beginning Plant Keeping
  • May 5 (Saturday, noon - Shelley Lake Park): Leadmine Creek Cleanup (Adopt A Stream)
  • April 4 (Wednesday - Hibernian Pub): Michael Barber on The Ultimate Fish Room
  • April 5 (Thursday - Vet School): Michael Barber on Collecting in Peru
  • April 6 (Friday - location TBD): Local Collecting Trip with Gerald Pottern
  • March 24 (Saturday): Michael Maieli hosts RAS table at NCSU Vet School Open House
  • March 1-5: 2018 Workshop & Auction 
  • Feb 1 (Thursday): Arielle Wright & Chris Sotherden on What's so Fancy About Goldfish?
  • Jan 4 (Thursday): Mini presentations: Mark Domanowski on Breeding Black Worms, Allan Bryant on Water Treatment in NC: How it may Affect Aquariums, and Doug Brown on 2017 Spawnings by RAS Breeder of the Year