The Raleigh Aquarium Society (RAS) was founded in 1981 to "encourage and enhance the education, knowledge, and enjoyment of Society members at all levels of experience about the many aspects of the home aquatics hobby". We welcome participants at all levels of experience (including none - we all started that way!). More details can be found here.

Upcoming events:

  • June 6 (Thursday 7:30PM - Vet School): Chris Smith on “Fertilization in Planted Aquaria”, plus regular mini-auction.

  • June 7 (Friday all day): “Local aquatic plant and fish Collecting Field Trip” led by Gerald Pottern

  • June 8 (Saturday 1PM - Vet School): “How to to ID Aquarium Plants”, by  Gerald Pottern. Saturday session will also feature a mini-auction with focus on plants.  Participants can gather at NC CVM at 12:30pm.  Location of 11:30am lunch with speaker will be announced later. (Unfortunately the previously planned talk by Cavan Allan on “Identification of Native and Nursery Grown Aquatic Plants” will not take place; we hope to bring it at a future date.)