Group buy at The Wet Spot

RAS sponsors a periodic group buy at The Wet Spot, where RAS covers the cost of shipping, lowering the cost to members of ordering. The Wet Spot is located in Oregon and boasts of an "unparalleled selection of fish, both popular types and exotic fish that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else." The Wet Spot has fish and plants that are generally unavailable from local shops in our area.

Important Dates

The next Wet Spot order takes place in time for delivery at the September 5, 2019 RAS meeting. Important deadlines:

  • Week before Sept 1: Heads-up to sponsor Chris Smith that you are planning on order

  • Sunday, Sept 1: Last day to provide order details and Paypal payment to Chris Smith

  • Thursday, Sept 5: pickup order at regular RAS meeting

Detailed instructions:

  1. Visit The Wet Spot website and view their stock under the FISH or PLANTS table. Choose your selection(s) from the "Genus" column, and note the size and price specified. Do the math for single or multiple entries, and obtain a total.

  2. Email your detailed list with species and prices to coordinator Chris Smith (

  3. Work directly with Chris to confirm details of order and arrange (advance) payment to Chris (usually via PayPal).

  4. Pickup order upon arrival.

  5. Enjoy your new aquatic additions!