RAS has begun a program to support group buys. In group buys, RAS pays for the shipping costs, allowing RAS members to purchase fish, food and other aquarium supplies at reduced cost. Group buys are open to all current RAS members.

Consistent with its mission, RAS supports group buys that benefit its members. General criteria for group buys:

  1. RAS covers shipping costs for members only. Non-members are not eligible (but can easily become members by joining!) [XXX Question: Do we cover just shipping, or tax and shipping? Wet Spot note says tax covered too.
  2. Group buys should have a minimum of 3 participants per buy. The intention is to benefit the club broadly, not just one or two individuals.
  3. The timing of group buys can vary, so long as each order has at least 3 participants.
  4. Group buys have a sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for all logistics associated with a group buy. RAS participation is limited to reimbursing shipping costs.
  5. Proposals should include a rough estimate of shipping costs. Costs should be provide sample costs based on number of particants, total overall cost of order, etc. RAS may cap the amount of shipping costs it reimburses if deemed excessive.
  6. All orders must be paid fully in advance to the sponsor. The sponsor is advised not to put in orders on credit. Any payment disputes between a buyer and sponsor are the sponsor's responsibility.
  7. Once the order is complete, the sponsor provides the invoice showing shipping (and total) costs to the RAS Treasurer for reimbursement.

Proposals for new group buys, addressing the above questions, can be submitted to the board for consideration.