More on the Talks

"Keeping Small Central American Cichlids" by Sam Borstein

Central American cichlids are a diverse group of fishes. While many Central American cichlids grow large and can be quite aggressive, there are numerous Central American cichlids that are small and make great aquarium inhabitants for people with limited tank space. These smaller Central American cichlids are so ideal because they are hardy, easy to breed, display interesting behaviors, and come in all shapes and sizes. This talk will discuss both the natural history of these species as well as their aquarium husbandry and provides tips on how to successfully keep and breed these fish.



"Visit to Tropica, the Legendary Aquatic Plant Nursery" by Ghanzafar Ghori

"Fishkeeping Adventures in a Public Aquarium" by Scott Dowd


"Carolina Natives for Aquariums" by Gerald Pottern

Stream ecologist Gerald Pottern’s talk will showcase the native freshwater fishes of the Carolinas suitable for aquarium keeping, such as Bluespotted and Blackbanded Sunfish, Redline and Roanoke Darters, Rosyside and Redbelly Dace, Speckled and Lined Killifish, Swallowtail and Fieryblack Shiners, Mosquitofish, Mollies, Mudminnows, Madtoms, Pirate Perch, Pickerel,  Gobies, and many others.  He’ll discuss where to find them in different habitats, how to catch, transport, and acclimate them to aquarium life, and what we can learn about our tropical fishes’ behaviors and needs in captivity by observing native fish in their natural habitats.  


"Lake Victoria Extinction" by Sam Borstein

In the 1950’s the Nile perch was introduced into Lake Victoria, quickly becoming one of the worst invasive species in the world and causing one of the largest extinction events in recent times -- hundreds of native cichlid species found only in Lake Victoria were lost.  Until recently it was thought that the massive Nile perch, which can grow to six feet in length, simply ate the much smaller cichlid species to extinction, but new research tools are indicating other factors at play.  Sam’s talk will discuss how morphological traits that allowed Lake Victorian cichlids to become so diverse may also have played a major role in their extinction, beyond the direct effect of predation by Nile perch.  High-speed video and 3D printing are among the new tools allowing us a better understanding of what caused one of the largest recent extinction events. Additionally, Sam will discuss keeping some new Lake Victorian cichlid species recently imported into the hobby, and others that are now extinct in the wild yet available in the hobby.


"Cryptocoryne: Emergent and Submersed Culture" by Ghanzafar Ghori

"Project Piaba" by Scott Dowd