Native fish collecting trip


Take part in a guided expedition to a local waterway within one hour drive of Raleigh to collect native fish and plants!

Coastal Plain Fish:  Bluespotted sunfish, Blackbanded sunfish, Banded pygmy sunfish, Flier sunfish, Bluegill, Warmouth, Pumpkinseed, Black crappie, Redfin pickerel, Chain pickerel, Lined killifish, Mudminnow, Pirate perch, Swampfish, Mosquitofish, Swamp darter,  Sawcheek darter, Grass shrimp, …

Piedmont Fish:  Swallowtail shiner, Pinewoods shiner, Satinfin shiner, White shiner,  Crescent shiner, Rosyside dace, Redbelly dace, Bluehead chub, Creek chub, Roanoke darter, Tesselated darter, Chainback darter, Glassy darter, Margined madtom, Redbreast sunfish, Green sunfish, Blacktip jumprock, Northern hogsucker, Speckled killifish, …

Plants:  Utricularia, Nitella, Najas, Cabomba, Ceratophyllum, Myriophyllum, Proserpinaca, Potamogeton, Eleocharis, Nuphar, Nymphaea, Brasenia, Ludwigia, Callitriche, Azolla, Ricciocarpus,  Fontinalis, ….. 



To Sign-Up:  email gbpottern @

Day of Event

Meet at 12:45 in the Ramada Raleigh parking lot to sign waiver forms, so we can depart at 1:00.  Depending on weather and creek levels, we may either head south and east of Raleigh to collect Coastal Plain species, or west to collect Piedmont species at 2 or 3 sites within 1 hr from Raleigh.  We’ll return about 6:00.  Bring rubber boots or waders if you have them, dipnets, and a cooler or bucket if you plan to take any fish home.  

Gerald will have a permit for scientific & educational collecting, so you don’t need a personal NC fishing license for this trip.  He will also bring a few seine nets and extra dipnets.  Also bring a towel and dry clothes in case you get wet.  

Release waiver forms - please print/complete and and bring them with you to the event

Adult form
Minor form